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Best-laid plans of mice & men oft go awry-We worked it out

Planning the Fall of 2005 and Winter of 2005-2006 - with contingencies -

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After talking to two of our daughters, we've decided that the best way for us to help E would be to be there the 2nd week in February so that she and our son-in-law could go to a judging clinic taking the baby and leave us to babysit our two grandchildren


This is the plan. {With annotations}

Thursday Oct 6, Bob is having his melanoma removed

Oct 8-9, we might go to Baltimore to see E who is judging a show in Harrisburg on Saturday. (We didn't go)
Horse show

Horse show

(Instead, we all went up to a brunch in Hunt Valley (Baltimore County) that weekend)
My mom and two daughters at the brunch

My mom and two daughters at the brunch

Weds Oct 12th (next week) we are pulling the boat (out of the water)
Pulling the boat

Pulling the boat

We've already got the sails down and the water drained and the systems winterized. Bob has done something to his shoulder so it hurts sometimes. He thinks a pulled muscle. He thinks that it was moving all the antifreeze onto the boat that resulted in the pulled muscle.

B and family will be coming up for the Oyster Festival October 14-16.
E.s father-in-law and brother-in-law

E.s father-in-law and brother-in-law

{We went to the Oyster Festival but B did not come up for it. We went with E.'s inlaws}

We will do a one way rental car picking up Saturday Oct. 22 to drive to Philadelphia to take the NCL Crown (the same ship we took to Bermuda last year) on Sunday Oct 23rd. The cruise is 13 days and goes to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Maartin, Curacao
NCL Crown from the Queen Juliana Bridge in Curacao

NCL Crown from the Queen Juliana Bridge in Curacao

and Aruba and then comes back to Miami arriving November 5th - Saturday. {We skipped the Bahamas due to Hurricane Wilma but that gave us more time in Puerto Rico}

B will be in NC that weekend, so we are having Enterprise pick us up at the dock and will help Jim with the kids and stay a couple of days with her before flying back on the 9th or 10th, turning the car in at the airport.

Since the Post Office has changed the way they forward mail, we will be testing the new system by having them forward mail to B for this period.

Monday Nov 21st - Personal Trainer 11:00 (I have taken 12 sessions and I've had 4)
Thursday Nov 24th - D's for Thanksgiving
Friday Nov 25th - Personal Trainer 11:00

Weeks of November 28th and December 5th - Personal Trainer 9 am M,W,F (6 more sessions)
Dec 9th - haircut

Leave Monday Dec 12 we will drive down and stay at the Inns at Charleston for a day or two and visit our son and the kids.

Monday Dec 12-14 at the Inns of Charleston on the AFB (this time I asked for first floor) 843-963-3806. Hoping our son will still be off work on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Granddaughter and her kitten

Granddaughter and her kitten

Thursday Dec 15th - check out drive to Waycross GA - stay Hampton Inn 912-285-1515. Hope to go by Tybee Island lighthouse which fog prevented us from seeing the last time. (Didn't get to Tybee)

December 16th to December 23rd we have an AFV (Armed Forces Vacation) condo scheduled in Fort Walton Beach. Marina Bay Resort, Fort Walton Beach FL 850/244-5132
View from the condo

View from the condo

Friday Dec 23-Dec 30 we will be at Alpine AL (near Talladega) - Dogwood Hills at Alpine Bay AL 256/268-9411
This was supposed to be the 24th to 31st but I called and they said we could come a day early because I was afraid I wouldn't get any kind of one night reservation on the 23rd. We are also checking out on Friday one day early because I don't want to be traveling on the 31st (New Years Eve) and the Gulf Shores place isn't open on Saturday.
Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores

Dec 30th to Jan 6th we will be at Gulf Shores AL which is near Pensacola. Village By the Gulf, Gulf Shores AL 251/948-6832


Because I didn't make reservations in Key West in time (I forgot that it could be done 5 months in advance) we can't go there in December or January, and we thought it would be too difficult to get from there to Texas by the second weekend in February.

Friday Jan 6-8 2006 - drive to Miami

Monday Jan 9 - Fly (AA flight 1711 at 10:49 am) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Check in to Acuarium Suite Resort 809/766-0188. Monday Jan 16 - Fly back to Miami flight 882 leaving at 3:05 pm

Monday January 16-18 - in Miami

Thursday Jan 19 - drive to Pensacola (no reservations yet)

Friday Jan 20 - 27 The Villas of Hickory Hill in Gautier MS 228/497-5150 (This reservation fell through as they were not open yet. Instead we stayed in Montgomery Texas until 3 Feb)

Friday Jan 27-29 check out and drive to Frisco

From about Jan 29 to about Feb 7 - At E's babysitting while she and the baby and Bill are at a Paso judging clinic Feb 4 and 5. (E decided that it would be too difficult to go to this clinic so she didn't go)

From here on nothing is set in stone. I'm thinking about going back via Hot Springs and maybe Branson MO

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October 20-22

View Summer, 9-11-2001 - and then the 2nd time down the ICW & 2005 Repositioning Cruise and AFV Fall & 2005 Migrating by Mercedes & Bermuda on greatgrandmaR's travel map.

Bob had his stitches out Thursday (Oct 20th) and the doctor said that they tested around the edges for cancer and everything looked clear. Bob said that the doc and nurse said the incisions looked good, although they didn't look particularly good to him, but he's squeamish about his own blood. He said it didn't particularly hurt to have the stitches out. The incision where they took the skin for the skin graft looks good to me - there wasn't any redness or anything.

Bob went down to the boat and took the forestay and staysail stay off and brought the dink aboard and lashed it down on the cabin top in preparation to haul the boat. We didn't do it the previous week because he wasn't supposed to do anything like that because of the stitches so we rescheduled.

I think I've caught a cold from my personal trainer. I have a sore throat and my nose is running. I've been having trouble with the computer - mostly it being difficult to turn on, so Wednesday morning I called Dell, and they had me run a diagnostic on it and it said the fan wasn't running at the proper speed, so the technician came to the house and replaced the fan on Thursday afternoon. The computer was VERY dirty inside.

Friday was a blustery rainy cool day, although mostly a very fine misty rain. High tide was at 4 so we were to haul at 2. The wind was blowing the boat away from the pier. Bob went around taking all the permanent lines off of the slip, and got the engine started. I meanwhile was looking for my dive skin which I haven't been able to find. I accidentally dumped a little container which appeared to be catching some kind of a drip in the V-berth and got the cushions very wet. Mopped up as well as possible.

Bob told me to cast off the forward line and throw it on the pier when he said to, but of course the line was around the cleat and I had to undo it first, so when he said to throw it, I had just gotten it undone, and didn't get it to the pier. Also I'd somehow gotten the line from the other side caught up in the tangle and threw it too. The guy from Hurricane was there and he fished the line out and threw it on the dock, and I pulled the other line from the water.

Bob had a lot of trouble backing against the wind - as usual. Fortunately since we were hauled bow first, we didn't have to back down to the haul slip. Got the boat hauled without a problem. In spite of the inactivity, there weren't many barnacles, and not much other stuff. The hull was pretty easy to wash off. There were barnacles on the prop though, so whatever Bob did to it didn't work.

I've been having bouts of dizziness so I wasn't really thrilled about climbing the ladder to help Bob put the forestay back, but I managed. Bob brought some of the dirtier lines home to wash. Friday night we went for dinner to Damons and I played trivia.

Saturday I was still occasionally dizzy, but I knew I had to really start to pack. I called the dive/bike shop in Solomons and eventually got ahold of them and they had a dive skin in my size. Bob did some last minute errands including filling the truck up with gas and he ran over there and picked it up for me. Then we went down to Hertz and picked up the car which was a Ford Focus.

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